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Just north of Sydney a bee keeping association has taken the sting out of administration
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The North Shore Bee Keepers Association runs a full suite of services for both members and those interested in beekeeping and honey.

Through TidyHQ they are able to publish details for Bee Swarm removal, in case you have encountered a swarm of bees. They run monthly field days that are advertised through their events sections allowing the group to sell honey throughout the year. 


Running a variety of different beekeeping courses has also been made easier by utilising TidyHQ’s Pages and events functionality in combination with their membership registrations. What the club offers to its members'

Meetings are held bi-monthly and advertised through the events functionality with meeting minutes being taken using the Meetings functionality.  These meetings also offer an opportunity to for sociable gatherings as well as demonstrations on the various aspects of beekeeping. 

The groups also want to help get people started in beekeeping and will assist you in securing swarm bees.  The Association also offers a free mentoring service and monthly hands-on sessions with the hives at the Bee Garden Field Day each month. The club also utilises the Tidy Shop functionality supplying all the necessary items to start your beekeeping career.

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TidyHQ has been great with the NSBKA

Roger Murphy, Membership Manager

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