Our Core Values

TidyHQ is built for you

With so much happening day to day, there’s less time and less resources to do the things we love. We built TidyHQ to help community groups be more efficient and effective so that everyone, especially the volunteers, can enjoy being a part of the fun.

We sell our product, not our users.

We are building a service that is focused on the best environment for Organisations to operate in. Our vision is to never sell your personal data, content, feed, interests, clicks, or anything else to advertisers. We will publish links to the best resources and deals, but we’ll never push these on you. We promise.

You own your content.

TidyHQ members will always have full control of their data and the fundamental right to easily back-up, export, and delete ALL of their data, whenever they want.

Our financial incentives are aligned with yours.

TidyHQ’s financial incentives are entirely tied to successfully delivering a service your Organisation can depend on and that you would pay for.

TidyHQ spends 100% of our time improving our services for you, not advertisers.

TidyHQ is not a media company, we understand Organisations. So rather than wasting time developing new ways to sell your members personal data to advertisers we spend 100% of our time on building a reliable platform that Organisations can build upon.

We are operating a sustainable, predictable business.

TidyHQ will always be open and transparent with how we generate revenue and have a clear business model. Depending on services that may disappear is a hard way to run a business let alone an Organisation, which is typically run by volunteers. Our Organisations should be comfortable that TidyHQ is built on a financially solid foundation and that we will continue to be honest with our plans.

We respect and value our developer community.

The opportunities for Organisations to build upon our platform are endless, which also adds value to our service. Understanding that this intersection exists and our financial interests are closely aligned is important for our future direction and thinking.

Our most valuable asset is your trust.

The first question many potential users ask is on the back of their other sour experiences using services that sell out their data, violate their members privacy and more. We understand. Building and retaining that trust is the most important thing we can do. It will take time, there will be hurdles, but whatever the highs or lows we will be transparent with our actions.

We're a firm believer that the world is a much better place if you can find your tribe, and when you do it's well run. Nobody wants to be a part of a poorly run tribe!

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