Tidy Conversations 02 // Sean Callanan

On this episode of Tidy Conversations we interview Sean Callanan who loves sports digital and started the agency Sports Geek. You can hear more from Sean on his Sports Geek Podcast, the top ranking sports digital podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. For more info go to SportsGeekHQ.com. Sean is also on the steering committee member for internationally recognised SEAT Conference driving the digital track.

You can connect with Sean via
@seancallanan - Twitter
SportsGeekHQ.com – Sports Geek website.
BeersBlokesBusiness.com – Beers, Blokes & Business podcast website.
https://seancallanan.com/ - Personal site

Tidy Conversations 01 // Trevor Nisbett

Welcome to the first episode of #TidyConversations This week, we interview #TrevorNisbett who is the long-standing Chief Executive Officer for the #WestCoastEagles and one of the most prolific sports administrators the industry has ever seen.

In this episode, we discuss how Trevor Nisbett went from Bunbury amateur football to building the culture that has brought the West Coast Eagles multiple premierships and over 80,000+ members. We'll cover the best practices one can utilise for building culture, a clear picture on just how long it takes to build a brand 'overnight' and ultimately personal adjustments and improvements that need to be made along the way.