Men's Shed Pomona

135 kilometres north of Brisbane, Australia a Men's Shed is modernising it's committee.
Men's Shed
Queensland, Australia
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Sharing information centrally

The Men’s Shed Pomona started life in early 2012 as just an idea. There was no shed, nor any idea on where to even find one, their first meetings were at the community house which eventually led to formalising a committee. The goal of the organisation is to provide support for the welfare of their members while supporting the community. They often get called out to clear out sheds of men who have passed on and their partner is left behind with stuff they would have no use for. Resources and communication are the biggest challenges for the group. As we are a (mostly retired) older group of people we go on extended holidays or land up in the hospital with back and knee problems so getting everyone on the same page is the constant challenge. The Pomona Men’s Shed has 6 people on the committee, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 general committee members.


While it is still a work in progress, Secretary, Rudy Meyer has started to move the Men’s Shed Pomona administration onto the Tidy platform. To further assist the governance and succession planning Rudy is planning to move the financial tracking from a spreadsheet to the Tidy financials. The centralisation of the Finances will make tracking the memberships as well as grants and sponsorships that much easier.


Better use of finite resources

With the constraints of having information being in silo’s being eliminated with the shift to TidyHQ, the Men’s Shed Pomona are now able to do more with less. Regardless of the location their committee members find themselves in they have access to everything they need to make decisions and do their job. Having every part of the organisation being consolidated in TidyHQ which in turn will allow the Men’s Shed Pomona to grow while not adding extra administrative burden. With the level of support we get from TidyHQ our organisation will go from strength to strength knowing that we’re all on the same page.

Quotation marks

“It’s a lot easier for a committee member to do his task. By using things the same way over time previous committee members can easily fill in if there is an emergency. Even the time saved to find a drawing or quote will be so much easier.”

Rudy Meyer, Secretary

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