When E-commerce is Unnecessary

E-commerce for Nonprofits – Part 5/5

There is a lot of hype around e-commerce platforms these days, but that doesn’t mean they are the right tool for your organisation. Here are three reasons why an e-commerce platform might not be necessary for your organisation:

1. Your organisation has zero association with the internet.

Everything is on paper, over the phone or in person. Internet is a thing that your organisation has no use for, and therefore, e-commerce platforms are irrelevant.

2. Your organisation does not have membership fees, financial donors, do fundraisers or needs to exchange money online.

Maybe your organisation does not charge members a fee; donations are items rather than money and funding is via the government, grants or sponsorship. If that’s the case, e-commerce is not for you.

3. Your organisation has no interest in expanding its purpose.

E-commerce naturally represents an opportunity for growth. Maybe your organisation has already reached its peak of effectiveness. Perhaps you do not want to push things further. If that’s the case, then there is no need to bother with e-commerce.

E-commerce might not be for everyone.

And that’s okay.

Maybe you are still questioning where your organisation stands for the whole debate. Try thinking of e-commerce as being a tool for organisations in the same way an air tank is to a scuba diver.

Sure, you can dive underwater without an air tank. You are only limited by how much time your body can go before needing another breath of air.

But, with an air tank strapped to your back, your opportunity for going deeper and staying under longer increases significantly.

The same goes for e-commerce.

Do you need to have e-commerce? No. Is it a tool for your organisation to use if it wants to take things to the next level? Absolutely.

Take it or leave it; the choice is up to you.

Isaak Dury
July 30 - 2 min read
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