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A quick note on where Tidy came from.

Our Story // by Isaak Dury


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I started building this tool after several years of frustration. Each year I would put my hand up for various committee positions, it runs in the family and I was always taught if you want to improve your community, then you should be a part of building  your community. Whinging is not something we were allowed to do.

So instead I found myself putting my hand up and getting myself into various roles, on different types of groups, university clubs, student guild, sports clubs, scouting were some. In all of these experiences it was largely the same - disjointed, lack of understanding, poor handover, no knowledge of how the previous committee had arrived at their decisions, run their events and managed their memberships and finances.

Sometimes we would have some very good and highly competent people join the committee and with them came excellent practices and procedures, they would install more serious applications for tracking finances and running events, but as soon as they left it all seemed to fall in a heap. Having noticed this time and time again, and after speaking to a multitude of other groups together with government agencies and parent bodies who also had few answers I decided the world needed a better solution.

The idea was to get all of my committee on the same page, to have a clear understanding of finances, all of the various transactions, meetings, and full history of all stakeholders - not just our members.

It was not going to be an task, I was in fact outlining a heavy ERP platform that costs corporates millions and requires thousands of developers to build and maintain together with consultants for on-boarding and training. Instead I thought we should make it so simple anyone could sit in any committee position and do a great job. My initial plan was to keep it a hobby, but it soon grew legs - who knew this many people around the world was suffering in the same way I was!

So with that TidyHQ was born, it is maturing as the expectations of our customers increase. We need to make revenue and it needs to scale so we can continue to service and build the platform out, we have some excellent ideas as to what actually needs to built to make life easier - now we just need to keep it all headed in the right direction.

With your support we can continue to make life better for you, for your administrators, your members and ultimately the broader community. We look forward to having you with us.

Cheers, Isaak
CEO and Founder, TidyHQ

Isaak Dury
Jan 16 • 2 min read
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