Organisational Sanity Saviour: TidyHQ.

Problems; a committee I stepped into as a member and then up to the President’s position a few years back did have records, I was assured.

Problems; a committee I stepped into as a member and then up to the President’s position a few years back did have records, I was assured.

This was nothing new, like most committees, but the records were scattered everywhere around the country and out there in the never, never land of ‘online sites’. Different sites for different documentation.

My first foray towards Organisational Insanity was the strange and simplistic thought process of, “Well, all we need do is gather it all up and put it in one spot, right?”

So wrong.

Historical records, constitution, processes and protocols, membership records, general contacts records, past events, upcoming events, challenges… oh, and did I forget finances?

And when I say ‘Historical Records’, what I really thought was ‘Hysteria Records’. Because that is what we were, bordering on Organisational Insanity with confusion, frustration and any other word ending in “ion”.

Next little journey towards Organisational Insanity was, “Just take a look at the books, profit & losses, bank reconciliations, and budget will tell you the story of what you can do.”


Enter a much younger and more IT savvy person. Organisational Sanity saved, right? Wrong.

Now there were two of us heading down the road to Organisational Insanity.

So, in our infinite wisdom, we decided that the easy thing to do was just get the web site updated, upgraded and we can keep “it” all there.

Oh, the things we wanted that web site to do. It was going to be the Bees Knees.

The wish List.

Members only area where we could put minutes, Constituion and other necessary documents.

Membership base.


Workshops. Exhibitions.

Oh, and a lovely little slide show of our members and their work.

Finances, work in hand. The list went on, much, much more.

It was going to be ‘so fabulous, darling’.

Our Budget for all of this was, wait for it, $7,000 (but it turned out it was going to cost $25,000).

Yep, we had finally cracked. We had now officially, by all accounts, reached Organisational Insanity.

However, then we were informed about a program called TidyClub. It would do what we wanted.

So we looked, liked and signed up. I was still questioning things like: What is data? What and where is the Cloud?

I drove the youngun’ insane.

But, we finally had it all.

The two of us, the younger IT smarty pants and myself, put in a lot of hours, tracking everything down, contacts in (tick) Membership levels done (tick) first meeting and minutes done and entered (tick).

Breathing slowed down from a loud and laboured panting to a nice gentle whispering breath.

The name changed from TidyClub to TidyHQ but the features only improved.

TidyHQ restored Organisational Sanity.

*** We are now Sane again, or are we?

We’re still on committees, both of us, but those committees are using TidyHQ.

The Organisational Sanity Saviour.

Bev Bush
Dec 11, 2017 - 3 min read
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