5 Ways to Know if an Organisation is Worth Your Time

"We all get 24 hours in a day… it’s up to us as to what we do with those 24 hours." - Sam Huff

We all get 24 hours in a day… it’s up to us as to what we do with those 24 hours.

- Sam Huff

There is no way around it.

24 hours will always be 24 hours.

There is no changing that.

Instead of wishing we had more time; we need to refocus our efforts on what we do with the time we have.

Including the organisations we give our time to.

Invest your skills, talents and passions that are unique to you in causes worth your time. Here are five ways to assess whether an organisation is a right fit for you:

1. You are passionate about the primary purpose of the organisation.

Yes, passionate.

We all have things we are interested in, care about or find valuable; but if we are not passionate, our motivation will fade incredibly quickly.

2. The values of the organisation are in sync with yours.

Often overlooked, the values of an organisation say as much about them as their primary purpose does. These are generally listed on their website under an “About Us” section and are 3-5 points on how they run their organisation to achieve their purpose.

When an organisation operates with values you do not find relevant; frustrations will quickly arise.

3. The organisation operates according to its values.

Values are what drive the decision-making action for an organisation.

They are also the foundation for the organisation’s culture.

There is nothing worse than an organisation that says they do something a certain way, and they don’t. It is a recipe for a toxic culture,which makes it nearly impossible for a team to achieve what they are meant to achieve.

Does the organisation do what it says it will do in the way it claims it will do it?

4. Appreciation for staff and volunteers is part of the organisation’s operations.

Are paid staff paid what they are worth?

Are volunteers respected for their boundaries on time and ability to give more and more?

Are there special initiatives established to recognise those that go above and beyond or moments when a team achieves milestones?

Is the health and well being of the team a top priority?

Your time is important. An organisation that doesn’t recognise that it is not worth you giving yours.

5. The position available works for the time you have.

If the organisation is looking for someone to fulfil a role that doesn’t work for the time you have – it’s not the right fit.

If the organisation is hoping someone will volunteer for a position you’d prefer to be paid – it’s not the right fit.

If the organisation wants too much done within the allotted time (i.e. 30 hrs of work within a 10 hr/week position) – it’s not the right fit.

Finding the right organisation to give your time to might be a challenge, but it is worth it once you do. Connecting with an organisation that is right for you is priceless.

And if you are already in an organisation that is not what you expected? There is no guilt in walking away. Your time is an investment,and it is much better put to use with an organisation that is the right fit for you.


Isaak Dury
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