26 Do’s and Dont’s of E-commerce

E-commerce for Nonprofits – Part 4/5

There are so many tips and tricks to developing an incredible E-commerce website, and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. The following is 26 things to focus on when you are developing E-commerce features for your nonprofit organisation. Let’s start with all the things you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t use an E-commerce platform too complicated for your organisation’s skills and needs

2. Don’t merely copy what a similar organisation does with E-commerce

3. Don’t use E-commerce just to sell things for the sake of selling

4. Don’t assume that your E-commerce target market is the same as the target market you’ve always had

5. Don’t make a customer enquire for product pricing

6. Don’t have a standalone Donate Now button and expect money to roll in

7. Don’t sell random branded products

8. Don’t ignore lousy copy or product photos

9. Don’t hide shipping charges and processing fees

10. Don’t complicate the checkout process

11. Don’t skimp on customer service

12. Don’t try and do everything at once

13. Don’t try and do everything yourself

And here are some of the things you should focus on:

1. Do choose an E-commerce platform that integrates with what you already use

2. Do find an E-commerce platform that gives you room to grow

3. Do use E-commerce to further your cause and expand your reach

4. Do research outside your industry to creatively implement E-commerce ideas

5. Do sell products that align both with your brand and your target customer market

6. Do show people how their donation will help your cause

7. Do ensure each product includes a detailed description and quality image

8. Do use videos to increase your sales and donations

9. Do be upfront with how much a customer is expected to pay

10. Do add features, products, marketing strategies one bit at a time

11. Do make test all links to make the customer experience a smooth one

12. Do take the time to get your SEO right

13. Do keep it simple

Whatever E-commerce platform or strategy you have, the most crucial tip to take away from this is to start small but dream big. That and don’t be afraid of learning from your mistakes.

Isaak Dury
July 20 - 3 min read
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